Why the Knitting Crocheting Business is Seasonal

Similar to snowboard sales, the knitting crocheting business tends to be seasonal with a successful sale period taking up about six months of the year. The autumn and winter months comprise the bulk of the demand for knitted merchandise. Depending on the area of the country where you live, this season can be either longer or shorter. For instance, in the dry western areas of the United States, the season for knitting and crocheting profits would be clearly shorter, since the demand for the product simply would not exist very long. Nevertheless, in the north-eastern part of the country such as the New England states, the seasonal demand for knitted products might be slightly longer than the typical winter and autumn seasons combined due to more frequent cold and rainy temperatures.

The reason why the knitting crocheting business is so seasonal has a lot to do with the way that knitting is done and the materials that these products are made from.

Knitting and crocheting utilizes thick and colorful yarns made of wool, polyester, and cotton. Knitted and crocheted items include such things as scarves, sweaters, blankets, and wool socks to name but a few. The demand for such heat-inducing materials is substantially less to none at all during the warmer months of the year. The winter months beg for such types of garments and blankets whereas the mere thought of donning a crocheted sweater in the summer in the state of Florida would bring a droplet of sweat to one’s brow.

As the winter gives warning of its arrival through the onset of autumn, the season for knitting and crocheting hits full force. As the season grows colder, the cold and flu season also sets in. Grandmothers everywhere heed the call of potentially sick grandchildren and get to work immediately churning out bundles of knitted sweaters, socks, and caps. For four to six months, grandmothers are similar to the factory workers of the U.S., not stopping nor resting until the quota of warm winter clothing is filled. This is usually to the tune of four or five sweaters per grandchild, about ten pairs of knitted socks, and three knitted caps for good measure. However, once the first rays of spring sunshine appear, to melt the winter blues away, the knitting and crocheting needles are stashed back in the box to return to their summer home in the attic next to the Christmas ornaments.

Knitting and crocheting fits well with the cold season. It is easy to picture, without much difficulty, the traditional grandmother in her rocking chair, in front of the fireplace. She is diligently working her knitting and crochet needles into a beautiful masterpiece while a trail of yarn seems to magically shorten itself on the hardwood floor. Adoring grandchildren scamper about, curiously pausing from play from time to time to check on grandma’s progress. As she lovingly gazes at her grandchildren, she never misses a single stitch in what will be one of many knitted sweaters, or maybe even a warm blanket that remains a wintertime favorite for the entire family.

The knitting crocheting business is indeed a profitable venture but only where the demand for it exists. However, such demand is governed by the season at hand. Most folks do not even think about purchasing knitted products during the summer months. Because of this, you might find that your knitting and crocheting business suffers greatly. Increasing your marketing and advertising efforts will not have much affect because your customers will only be thinking about ice cream and swimming pools. It is extremely difficult to fit knitted products into this equation.

When it comes to knitting and crocheting, the seasons pretty much dictate the way that the business will grow. Since certain fabrics are only good during certain temperatures and the temperatures change with the seasons, then it makes perfectly good sense why knitting and crocheting is such a seasonal business. While this may present a problem for your business, the good thing is that you know this well in advance of starting your venture. Having first hand knowledge that the knitting and crocheting business is seasonable will help you plan your business accordingly and ensure that you make the profits that you desire regardless of the season.