How to Promote your Unique Wood Crafts Business

Learning how to make unique wood crafts is one of the most valuable skills that you could ever acquire. The reason why is because most household furniture contains at least some kind of wood structure. You can make both decorative and functional furniture, and you can make small wooden sculptures, which will accent any fine home, cottage, apartment, or other dwelling. Not only that, but you can make holiday decorations out of wood materials. If you promote your products correctly, you are sure to make a profit.

Some of the most commonly hand crafted pieces of furniture include miniature children’s chairs, elegantly carved wood bookshelves, custom picture frames, and old style rocking chairs, The most common types of arts and crafts made from wood include facial sculptures, vases, doll house furniture, flower pots, and wooden guitars and flutes. You can also make countless holiday crafts with wood as well, such as cottages, resurrection crosses, manger sets, train set buildings and infrastructures (bridges, walkways, roads), ornaments, framed art, plaques, and various types of wall hangings. You can also make ethnic art pieces, such as Dutch wooden shoes, or African type art, or even Native American type art.

Many wooden crafts are combined with clothes, tapestry, linen, parchment, and a variety of other types of decorative material to help create the finest pieces. In addition, paint, stick-on art, glass materials, metal, and others are used for both decorative and functional purposes. You can also make kitchen utensils, such as wooden spoons and stir sticks to sell, along with breadboxes, storage containers, and items. You could create a whole catalog of wood products to distribute worldwide if you want. Growing and expanding this business would take time, but you can do it. In order to make your products known, however, you need to begin to advertise.

Some inexpensive ways to gain exposure for your wood crafting business are to send out fliers, put a small ad in a local newspaper, set up a website, advertise in free directories, purchase an entry in a phone book, hold home parties, attend craft shows, and set up shop. You will want to make catalogs or photo albums of your whole product line, for a variety of reasons. One is so people will remember your products, and because you want to display the larger sized items you cannot carry with you. Making catalogs for your home crafting business can be done in one of two ways.

Either you can use your own home publishing system to create your catalog, or you can take it to a professional and even have your catalog bound. The more professional your catalog looks the better, and the more sales you will have. To start off with you may want to display all your items on photos in a photo album. Or, you may want to process all digital photos online and use a photo-editing program to create a scrapbook of all your items for sale. This catalog can be turned into an online file as well. Either PDF or even Microsoft Word will work for this. You can upload almost any type of file that you would want to display on the Internet.

The best exposure for your wood crafting business, however, is to be able to be present and visible so people know who you are. When you attend shows you are not only making known to those people who you are, but you are telling all the people that each one of those people may tell about you. This is the time to distribute business cards, and include the name of your website, and your e-mail, on your business card if you have one. Not only that, but if you have already set up a permanent shop, which would be ideal if you are selling over-sized items, craft shows are a great source of promotion for you.

Another way to promote is by just telling everyone you know about your products. If they like them, they can come to you to purchase unique gifts for their friends and loved ones during the holidays. In addition, do not forget to tell those you know to spread the word. Soon everybody may be coming to you for fine quality hand crafted wooden products that are culturally flavored from a variety of places, including your own hometown.