Tips on Marketing Knitting Items at Craft Shows

A craft show is a great way to display items you have designed and knitted. At a craft show, you can display the crafts that you have worked on for weeks and months for many different folks. The great thing about displaying your work at a craft show is that potential buyers will be among the onlookers. When you attend a craft show, the main objective of show casing your craft is so that you can make money from the sale of it. There are many ways that you can make sales by marketing knitting items at craft shows.

Given that your knitting is creative and appealing to customers, which you know it is, the most difficult part of the sale is not the negotiation. In fact, the sale is probably the easiest part. The hard part is luring the potential customer into showing an interest in your display. Quite simply, marketing your product to the consumer will increase sales volume. Marketing is quite obviously the most difficult yet most rewarding portion of displaying your craft. Promotion is not only the visual displaying of your knitting. It is the attraction of customers for making a profit.

The easiest and most simple method of marketing your knitting items is to make a sign. The bigger and more creative your sign, the better the response you can expect. Signs can range from poster board sized with decorations drawn from magic marker to elaborate displays of wood and paint. Whichever method you choose, make sure the sign can be seen clearly and distinctly from a distance and are an inviting and attractive display rather than a garish eyesore. Attractiveness in this scenario is the objective to attain.

If money is truly no object in the marketing scheme for your items, roadside billboards may be utilized. Nothing is seen by more folks on a consistent basis and attracts more regular attention than a large billboard by the roadside. This method alone would attract curious prospects to see what is indeed so special about your knitting items. If the craft show you are participating in is being broadcast over radio or television, this would be an ideal place to insert a plug briefly mentioning your items and inviting any and all to stop by for a peek.

Another media tool you could possibly use would be your local newspaper. The local newspaper is the number one stop for deal-seekers as well as interested novices of arts and crafts. An ad in the paper is relatively cheap and with just a few well placed and dynamic words, it could very well garner the attention needed to consider your items successfully marketed.

Flyers and circulars are a more personal if not invasive way to market and promote your product at the level of the consumer you are trying to attract. Simply by checking the mail, your target audience is being exposed to your merchandise and is receiving an open invitation to come and see what you have to offer.

Telephone marketing is a slightly more invasive method of marketing your craft show knitting items but word of mouth travels fast, especially among friends and acquaintances. Pass the word along to a few of your friends and eventually the news will spread. Essentially, the marketing will do itself. New customers will talk of their satisfaction with your product to potential customers and the cycle will continue.

Utilization of all the above-mentioned techniques, with the exception of the pricey roadside billboard option, will serve to give optimal results and successfully place your knitting items on the market in a fun and creative way. Art shows and craft exhibits are ways of getting exposure for your product without having to cajole your way into store shelf-space. Although all marketing will be directed at those “on the outside looking in” it is important to discern what will be of good taste and of a high level of attractiveness if you were the one being courted into making the purchase. With this in mind, no marketing feat should be too much to handle, as the simplest things in life draw the greatest attention from us.