Patchwork Quilting as a Home Based Craft Business

There is nothing more beautiful than a patchwork quilt. Whether you buy one for yourself or for others, it is always a prized possession. Patchwork quilting has been around for thousands of years, as archaeologists and historians date it to around 3400 BC. At that time, the Pharaohs of Egypt were known to use quilt patterns in their dressing styles, while the army used the same concept to make armour. The Amish, during the 17th century, elevated this work into a heart-warming art and spread it all over the world. Its popularity has also encouraged many people to use it to generate an income.

No matter where you live, whether in Europe, Asia or North America, you will likely fall in love with a patchwork quilt, whenever you see one. There is something very special about the quilt pattern that literally warms your heart. This is why patchwork quilting is the favorite pastime of many people across the globe.

Besides making excellent bedding for yourself, you could always make sentimental gifts for others. Whether it is for a wedding gift, for a baby, a birthday or an anniversary, the quilt is an excellent offering, which says, without any words, “I love you.”

The business of patchwork quilting is very profitable because it is in high demand globally and it is very easy to get started. All you need initially is some advertising and marketing skills, yet a few orders from your close friends and relatives and the word will, no doubt, spread like wild fire that someone is selling patchwork quilt creations. You could be flooded with orders and in less than one year, you might need to arrange to accommodate the high rate of expansion. Going online would also add to the speed of the growth.

Although this is an art form that emanates from the ancient world, it is as popular today as it was in the days of the Pharaohs. Many people use the popularity of patchwork quilting to set up highly lucrative home based craft businesses.

The quilt, whether you make it for yourself, as a gift or as a product to sell, has an innate warmth and beauty that has no parallel. The skill of patchwork quilting can make a wonderful home-based business, which will likely generate a comfortable income.