Organizing Home Craft Parties for Children

If you are interested in starting a fun career that can help parents get a break from their children, you can organize children’s craft parties. The only two main requirements of going into the business of organizing children’s craft parties are that you need to be able to be creative and you must like kids. Not only that, but you also need to know how to have fun, too.

Children of all ages like crafts, and the crafts that you would teach them need to be appropriate for their age. Younger children do better with finger paints and crafts made out of food. For kids under three it is better for them not to use any tiny pieces such as small beans, macaroni noodles, or beads unless someone is watching over them and helping them. Furthermore, toddler aged children will need help using scissors. The older children will be able to work more on their own, and even can do crafts that require more precise pencil drawing and brush painting. It would be better to use all watercolors for any painting crafts with young children.

In order to run successful craft parties, you must make sure you keep enough supplies on hand, such as numerous pairs of scissors, bottles of glue, colored construction paper, card stock paper, crayons, pencils, pen, glitter, beads, string and dried foods such as beans or noodles. You also may want to gather other items such as modeling clay, paint, paint brushes, plaster, paper cups, picture frames, finger paint, and sculpting molds. You also need to make up a schedule and print it up ahead of time so that when the children come to your house they will know-and so will the parents-what they will be doing.

Another aspect of organizing a craft party is to make sure you have a system of handing out permission slips for parents to sign stating that they allow their children to be in your care. That would be unless the parent would also want to attend. In fact, if you are opening your home up to the community (which can be a risk) you may want to encourage the parents to come along at least for the first time. This will help put each parents’ minds at ease, knowing that their children are in excellent hands.

Also, if you are inviting children into your home that you do not know that well, you will want to reassure the parents that they are welcome to stop by and check on their child any time that they (the parents) would want. Furthermore, you will want to collect all the contact information you can about each parent’s whereabouts in the event of an emergency. Whenever you are working with children, it is important to be prepared. The parents will also want your contact information as well, so they can call you any time they need to as well.

You can make thousands of different types of crafts at your children’s party just with the inexpensive supplies above. For example, the children in your car can make homemade greeting cards, necklaces, pottery items, plant holders, and items personalized with handprints or footprints. The students in your class can also learn how to use various painting and drawing techniques as well, such as learning how to make facial features, flowers, or mountain scenery. You can also teach your children how to make framed art, and even use the computer to make framed and decorated poetic art.

No end is in site when it comes to the kinds of crafts you can make. The above are only some of the examples, and the above materials are only some of the ideas for crafts. You can also make real and fake flower arrangements with the children at your craft party, or build model houses, small model furniture, and more. For older students you can teach them how to shape metal to make jewelry, or how to carve wood to make decorative interior art. The types of pottery that you and your children can make include vases, cups, bowls, and other serving dishes.

If you need ideas, you can find articles such as this one, which you can read for free. You can also purchase new craft books, and look at crafting websites, which will explain all the latest crafting techniques, and will present the latest crafting trends. Keep up with the current market, and what children enjoy making today. You can find crafts that both girls and boys enjoy creating.