Making and Selling Candles for Profit

While many folks start candle making as a hobby, the huge interest in candles makes it possible to earn a decent part-time or full-time income by making and selling candles to others. You can sell wholesale, on consignment or set up fund raising programs. The most common approach is to retail your candles. Here we will introduce you to retailing so that you can determine if this method is a good fit for you.

Selling Candles at Craft Shows

One of the most common ways most candle makers get started in retailing is to sell their candles at craft shows. One of the benefits of craft shows is that local folks like to buy from local crafters. So, if you can find enough craft shows in your area to keep you busy, then this may well be an avenue that is successful for you.

Another benefit to craft shows is that folks appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into hand-crafted items. At craft shows, you are presented with an opportunity to sell yourself and explain how your candles are hand poured. This really sets you apart from those who simply resell candles that are made by larger companies, giving you a distinct advantage at these events.

Craft shows also present you with the added benefit of gaining exposure and building opportunities for word-of-mouth referrals. You cannot be at a craft show every day, so the rapport you build with your customers will generate income from re-orders and referrals to their friends and family. It is imperative that you have business cards available, as well as ordering and delivery procedures in place for the future orders you will hopefully receive.

Some of the drawbacks of craft shows are that they are not always readily available, and when they are, they tend to not be equally distributed throughout the year. While you may find an abundance of shows at the holidays, it will be harder to find venues to sell your candles in March and July. There may be other options, though, such as Farmer’s Markets, festivals that sell space to vendors and other similar situations.

A reality of craft shows is that they are a lot of work. They are usually daylong events that require the set up and tear down of a booth each time, and require a succession of hours spent on your feet.

Make Money Selling Candles Online

Instead of, or in addition to, selling at craft shows, many candle makers have taken steps to put up a website. Whether this is a fully functioning website capable of accepting orders or simply an online catalog where current and potential customers can go to see what they want to order and give you a call, a website is an excellent way to grow a home candle making business.

Selling Candles Parties

Another retailing option is selling your candles at home parties. Try booking some parties with your friends and family. Chances are there will be someone there that would also like to book a party. This can be a great way to grow your business.

While some candle makers have aspirations of opening their own candle store featuring their handcrafted products for sale, this goal requires a serious amount of time and money, and is most often left for extremely experienced and well-established candle makers only.

There are many ways to create a successful home candle making business, and retailing your candles is only one of the many ways it may be possible. Explore your options and decide which choice is the best fit for you and your ultimate goals.