Make Money Sewing High School Letter Jackets

If you want a steady sewing account you may want to sign up to make money sewing high school letter jackets. You can actually create the letter embroidery patches, or purchase ready-made letter patches to stitch onto these jackets. It is highly unlikely that the demand for this type of job would cease. Every high school football team, band class, and many extracurricular clubs order letters which people earn to place on their jackets.

Usually a participant of a school team or organization for various outstanding performances earns letters. These could be for the most yards run during football games, or for hard work, commitment and dedication, or just simply fulfilling the requirements of a particular school organization. Whatever the reason letters are given, they need to be displayed, and one option is for those who earn these letters to have them placed on a jacket.

You are usually sure to have enough orders to sustain your business if you provide the highest customer service possible, and if the market is not already saturated with embroidery services. Chances are you will find enough work year after year, because new students will enrol, and new students will graduate every year as well. Not only that, but quite a few sports are run every year through the schools, sometimes with freshman and varsity level teams, and both men’s and women’s teams as well. You will most likely never run out of jackets to stitch.

The best place to start planning your school letter jacket embroider service would be to contact each school in your area, and talk to each athletic department. Mostly high schools are the ones that require lettering services the most, however, many junior highs do as well. Even some elementary schools may offer their children letters for competing in sports. It all depends upon the school and the area in which you live. Not only do sport’s teams in schools receive letters and letter jacket, but sometimes cheer leading teams, marching band squads, color guards, and any other organization related to the athletic department at each school may also receive letters that the would add to a school jacket.

Depending upon the school and how developed it is, you may not only be able to sew on letter jackets, but you may also be able to even design the letters, which will be sewn on the jackets. Either way, you would need to store a huge supply of them, which will be ready at the beginning of the school season. Sometimes you will need to sew letters on the jackets of transfer students as well, although most of the time these students will start the following school year. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that you are likely never to run out of customers, because there will typically always be a need for your services.

In order to make a go of your crafting business you will need some supplies. Of course, you will need letter patches if the school that you are servicing wants you to use pre-ordered ones (the school would pay for these). Otherwise, you would need a good supply of embroidery with which you would create the letters for the school to put on the jackets. Of course, you would want to know what the school colors are in this case. Other supplies that you would need are spare needles and a top quality sewing machine. You may also need a workspace and a worktable that is comfortable enough for you.

If you are sewing on the patches your job will be relatively simple. If you are creating the letter patches for the school jackets from scratch you will need to learn some embroidery stitch techniques. You can learn these in a variety of ways. One way that you can learn these techniques is to purchase craft books and magazines and read articles about patch creating and sewing. Once you have already done this, and have researched your market, it will be time for you to consult experts to help you plan your new sewing venture.

If you need help with any aspect of your business such as financial planning, business goals, operational goals, and customer service goals, you can consult business experts or contact local business development centers. Another option would be to take night classes at a school, which would be relevant to learning how to run a fully functioning operation. One example of a class that many business owners take is bookkeeping. They might also take marketing classes or communication classes to help with promotion and customer service. The more education you receive as a business owner the more likely it will be that your business will succeed.