Learn How to Embroider School Sports Kit

If you like to sew and are looking for a way to make money at it, then why not learn how to embroider school sports kit or sewing embroidery patches on children’s uniforms. You can find customers for this almost anywhere, no matter where you live, as long as someone else has not already cornered the market. The best way to start is to brainstorm a list of potential markets in your neighborhood and then make a list of items you would need to prepare for this new sewing venture.

Some places that you can approach with your services would include elementary schools, junior high (or middle schools) schools, and high schools. You have the football teams, baseball teams, and basketball teams. Not only that, but you may even be able to find business sewing embroidery on other school team gear, such as soccer, volleyball, or wrestling gear. The list is endless.

In addition, schools are not your only source of income, since you can also add to your list, local park and recreation teams. You have quite a few teams usually that are organized within most communities. The more people that live in your area the more business you will receive. However, even if you live in a rural area, you may have the chance to make a profit on many farm schools, and region wide children’s sports teams.

Another option for making money by sewing embroidery on children’s sport clothing may include sewing patches on girl and boy scouting outfits. You can find countless merit activities that require earning badges for rewards, and you can even possibly make money sewing the patches on any of these outfits as well. You may need to learn some basic sewing techniques in order to accomplish this, which can find the education for in a variety of ways.

One way that you can learn how to sew embroidery patches is to read magazines dedicated to teaching you various aspects of the sewing craft. Many of these are available not only in print, but online as well. Not only that, but you can read books and even join craft websites. Sometimes you can even find material available free, which you can take advantage of. If you want to find out what ideas are appropriate for sports clothing you can observe the uniforms you see at children’s games in your neighborhood, and contact the recreation offices of local schools and parks for more information. Likewise, you can visit craft shows, which highlight the work of successful sewers who have already made money working with embroidery. Types of gear that you may have to sew on sports clothing include award letters, merit badges, stripes, or decorative team emblems.

Sometimes all you will have to do when you receive assignments for sewing embroidery on children’s sport clothing is to sew on a small patch. Other times, you will have to create an original design for a patch, or just sew directly on the fabric. It all depends on what your future clients are looking for. If you are interested in starting a business in sewing, you may want to research your potential market to see how viable your business plan really is. As long as you do not have too much competition, or there is enough of a need for an embroidery service in your neighborhood, you should have no problem making money-sewing designs on children’s clothing.

Once you are done brainstorming a list of potential markets, it may be time for you to invest in some quality sewing equipment. You will need a good quality sewing machine, preferably one that has automatic settings on it to help you sew various embroidery patterns, and allows you to use various sized thread needles. You will need also a stock of the right sized sewing spools with thread on them, of a variety of different colors. Along with that, you may need storage containers in which you can put all of your sewing and embroidering supplies. You may also need some fabric and backing that will be used for you to design your own patches to sell, which you can sew on clothes. In addition, you may want some hand needles, or a small hand-held sewing appliance to use for completing small sewing jobs.

You have what it takes if you are dedicated to learning your craft, and if you can keep designing homemade products that others will want to buy. You can also get feedback regarding your items when you enter them in craft contests as well.  You can also market them on the Internet and other places to get the word out. The more you promote your crafts the more money you will be able to make.