How to Make Money Knitting for the Holidays

You can earn holiday cash if you knit your own crafts to sell. The biggest secret to success in the knit craft industry is to start early in the year. You will then be assured that your products will be ready at least a few months before you plan to sell them. Holidays during which crafts are often sold are Christmas, Independence Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. Not only that, but sometimes craft shows run during other holidays, such as Hanukkah, Yom Kipper, and various Eastern holidays.

Usually your craft should be done a few months in advance of the holiday, and as far enough in advance of the date in which a holiday craft show will occur. That means, if you are scheduled to display your work in a craft show December 6th of 2009, you may want to start making your items as early as October of 2008. If you do, then you are more likely to have enough product inventory ready to sell far enough in advance, and you will be more likely to make a higher profit.

If you are not sure where to get started selling your holiday crafts, you can first start with your family and friends. Do you know people who like purchasing crafts? Is there a person in your life who notices your talent and says that you should start selling your work? You may want to start with these people first. Then, you may want to start investing in craft show booths. Some you can find for as small as 20 dollars. These booths are great if you are first starting out. Most craft show booths or tables generally cost between forty to fifty dollars, and some can range as high as two to three hundred dollars. If you want to sell at a booth in a mall or department store, you may pay a little more that that.

Holiday knitting and sewing project ideas

Usually when you sign up for a craft show you either pay for a whole weekend, or you pay for one day. It depends on the length of the show, and the general requirements of each crafting organizations. You may want to call ahead to a place that sells craft tables and find out more information regarding what types of tables or booths they offer, and to whom. Some are open to the public and for the public to sell whatever they want, and some are more tailored to specific craft specialties, or are closed to just certain groups. You can find craft directories of events that take place in your country or state if you search the Internet.

Not only can you find information about craft shows on the Internet, but you can also ask around, or call local government buildings, or your local Chamber of Commerce. You may even find information regarding the sale of crafts at a visiting center in your area, or surrounding regions. One great place to find outlets for your craft is to call around town in smaller communities nearby the city in which you live. These areas may even have cheaper places to rent if you want to set up your own craft show and invite other people to rent tables from you. Another great place you can find to market your crafts is to display them at local farmers markets. This is especially true if you are a person who creates country style crafts.

Whether you market your crafts by word of mouth or you attend professional and volunteer craft shows you will begin to gain exposure and respect within your community. Eventually you may even be able to establish your own permanent shop, and even become a nationwide supplier. This will take time, but it is very possible, if you put your mind to it.

No matter what kind of craft you sell, it requires persistence and determination on your part in order to make money at it. Not only that, but it may take practice, and even giving away items for free at first, before you can gain enough respect to sell your products. However, if you have the faith that you can sell your crafts, no matter how long you have been knitting, you will be able to sell them for a price that many people will be willing to pay.