How to Organize a Holiday Crafts Only Garage Sale

When you are looking to sell your homemade crafts, the best time of year to do so is the holiday season. The shopping season is in full swing, and folks are in the frame of mind to buy and enjoy handcrafted items. Holding a craft only garage sale is one of the easiest ways to draw a large number of interested customers. However, organizing one of these events can mean a lot of hard work, so be prepared.

A craft-only garage sale is a fantastic idea since it allows prospective customers to meet in one place specifically designated for displaying the work of local crafts folks. You should advertise your craft sale in much the same way that you would a regular garage sale. Put up colorful flyers around your neighborhood a fortnight or so before sale date. The look of your flyers is important. You will want to convey the fact that your sale is not the normal garage sale. Do not use the standard red and black yard sale signs, but rather, create professional looking signs that put emphasis on the diversity of items that will be available for sale and make it clear that you will be selling new items, suitable for holiday gift giving.

Naturally, you will want to market your craft only garage sale to other crafts enthusiasts. Visit your local hobby shop and crafts stores and put up flyers. Stand outside the door and hand out flyers, if you really want to get the word out. You might also consider visiting local crafts workshops and classes to inform students about the upcoming sale. You could even send a polite e-mail to local crafts instructors and ask if they would be willing to make an announcement in class regarding the sale. Preferably, deliver copies of your flyers to the instructor so he or she can pass them out in class.

Another simple way to reach your target audience is to advertise at craft fairs and shows. Again, pass out leaflets and put up signs. Folks at craft sales are already in the mood to shop for crafts so do not be shy about marketing your sale at these types of fairs.

If you are an experienced craftsperson who already sells your crafts on a regular basis, market your upcoming craft only garage sale to those names on your list of contacts. If you have a website or newsletter, these are great places to advertise. Quite probably, these folks already have an interest in your work and will be interested in the event. You may even consider sending personalized invitations to your best customers.