Fundraising Programs Selling Home Made Candles

While many candle makers learn and perfect the craft as a hobby, there are others with goals to make money from the craft. Of the many ways to sell your candles, setting up fundraising programs is one option that you may wish to consider. Establishing a fundraising program featuring your candles is a great way to multiply your sales force in an economical manner. While hiring and managing a sales force may not be possible, fundraising can be a great way to have many people selling on your behalf. It also allows you to leverage your ability to sell without you doing most of the work.

How Fundraising Programs Work

You find organizations that need to raise money and arrange with them to sell your candles for you for a portion of the profit. You agree to supply each candle to them for a discounted price, and when they sell each candle at a pre-determined retail price that is higher, the organization keeps the difference for their cause.

The percentage of the discount can vary, but is usually somewhere between 20-50% below the pre-determined retail price. The greater the percentage the organization gets to keep, the more they will get excited and promote your product, so be as generous as possible when establishing the profit-sharing arrangement.

Typically, no money exchanges hands between you and the organization until they have collected all of the candle orders. This way, the organization does not need to come up with money out of pocket to give to you. They simply take orders, collect money for the products ordered, and turn one combined order in to you. You then collect your negotiated price for each candle, and they keep the difference. Fundraising is a win-win situation for both parties, and is a great way to get your product out into circulation.

The types of organizations looking to conduct a fundraiser are seemingly limitless. Churches, schools, sports groups, charitable organizations, awareness programs and more are all excellent candidates. All you need to do is seek them out and be willing to work with them.

Not only do you have the opportunity to make good profit yourself, but you are helping an organization in need as well. And while there are many fundraising programs out there for them to choose from, many organizations are tired of the traditional candy and cookie dough sales, and are looking to do something unique. Your home made candles will be an attractive option.

While it is true that fundraising can be a huge help in growing your business, it is not without work on your end. You need to be sure that you have the production capacity to fill the organization’s order in a timely manner. Delivery time in this respect should be no more than three to four weeks.

You also need to be sure that you can offer them a simple process with easy-to-follow instructions, and fundraising materials to help them collect orders. Be prepared to provide the organizations with samples of your candles, as they will want to be able to test your product before agreeing to sell it. If you make a quality product, this is usually a great thing because the more they love your candles; the more excited they will be to sell them. 

There are many ways to create a successful home made candle business, and fundraising is only one of the many ways it may be possible. Explore your options and decide what the best fit is for you and your ultimate goals.