Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids to Make

You are going to be having many kids over for thanksgiving dinner, so you will need to make sure you have something to entertain them. There are a number of creative thanksgiving crafts, which you can introduce to your children and family members, which will make this holiday enjoyable for the little ones in your family. Here are some suggestions that may help.

First, you will need to gather some supplies for your thanksgiving crafts. Construction paper, scissors and glue will be staples for most of the crafts you will make. Be sure to choose construction paper colors like orange, brown, and yellow, since these are fall colors and will go well with the themed artwork that your kids will make. If you are able to have the children make thanksgiving crafts in the basement or garage of your home, you may also want to use glitter to give the crafts extra sparkle.

Making hand turkeys with younger children may be a good idea; you can trace the hands of each child, and then cut the shape from the construction paper. Then, you can draw the face of a turkey in the palm of the hand, or you can use items like pipe cleaners and more construction paper in order to create the beak and accents for the ‘bird.’ You can also find eyes that can be glued to the turkey at your local craft store to give the bird more of a realistic element. You can make the turkey with a paddleball as well. You can even leave the ball on the paddle to give children more ways to be entertained by their thanksgiving crafts.

Making a turkey by using a fan is another one of the Thanksgiving crafts that you may like to try. Getting Asian-style fans from the craft store that you can paint or color in fall shades will be the feathers for the turkey, and you can work with your kids to create the turkey’s face from popsicle sticks or construction paper.

Craft foam will also help you to create some great thanksgiving crafts that your children will enjoy. You can cut the foam in the shape of a Pilgrim hat, or you can create a vest for your child that is similar to traditional colonial wear. The foam can also be used to create headbands for Native American garb, and you can buy feathers to accent the headband. This way, your little ones can dress up like pilgrims and Native Americans and come to the table in their new wear.