Market your Own Designs for Embroidery and Knitting

If you are looking for a way to market your creativity, you can possibly make money selling your own designs for embroidery and knitting. Either you can sell them as patterns for other folks to sew on, or you can display them as samples of work that you have done, that you can do for others. You can sell both patch work and work that will be sewn directly on fabric. Not only that, but you can knit your own clothing designs and either, sell the clothes that you have designed, or as a pattern for others to buy. No matter how you decide to market your creative talent, you have the potential to make money.

Embroidery and knitting covers a huge variety of product. You can sell knitted sweater and sweater patterns, Afghans, throw pillows, stuffed animals, purses, and other decorative or useful household items. You can sell both the pattern and the actual items that you have made if you want.

If you are looking for new ideas to sell, you can find out what is marketable by searching craft magazines, observing folks houses, and attending craft shows. Before you make up your own knitting or embroidery designs, you may want to practice making clothes or other items from a current patented design. You can find these in the above-mentioned ways, especially in craft books. Not only that, but you can take classes to learn various embroidering and knitting techniques, and you can eventually combine both knitting and embroidery in one craft piece.

Once you have practiced embroidery and sewing techniques adequately, you can then begin to receive feedback for your work. One place to start is to give your crafts away as gifts, and watch folk’s reactions when they open the items up and look at your finest works. If they seem genuinely excited, and you can usually tell the difference, then you know you have created a great piece. In addition, if they start asking you questions such as ‘where did you learn how to make this?’ then you know you are on your way to a successful venture.

In the beginning you will want to attend as many craft shows and festivals as you can, and join groups which are dedicated to helping you better your knitting and embroidering skills. It may take some time for you to continue to develop your skill, unless you have been creating your own designs for embroidery and knitting already. If you are already to the point in which you feel confident you are ready to try marketing your craft, you can then research your market. That may even mean hiring professionals to conduct surveys for you, or you can continue to observe what folks are buying and selling at craft shows in your area.

Another aspect of marketing your crafts would be to make sure that you set your prices right. You want to make them affordable to most folks, yet high enough that you will be able to make money off your product. If you have high quality automated equipment you will be able to complete jobs much faster and keep your prices low. However, if you want to make precise items, which would be sold for specialty prices, you will be apt to sell those for a higher price. Once you know enough about your potential market, it will then be time for you to make a list of all the items you would need to have successful embroidery and knitting business.

Some of the items you would need for your embroidery business would be a top quality embroidery and sewing machine, knitting needles and a few varieties of yarn in several colors, examples of your previous work, and other folk’s patterns to work from, and craft books. You may also need a good quality camera, preferably a digital, which can help you display your work in catalogs and on the Internet to help expand your growing market. Not only can you display work on your own website, but you can also display it at online auction sites. Some offer cheap listing rates, and some even allow you to list your items free.

The most important aspect of succeeding at making your own designs for embroidery and knitting is that you have to enjoy making them. The more you love the kind of work that you do the better chance you have at making a living at it.