Custom Embroidered Patches as a Profitable Home Craft Business

Starting a new home craft business can be tough going since there is often a lot of competition in most niches. However, there are numerous options and if embroidery is your forte, there may be an alternative that you have not thought of and that is custom embroidered patches. Embroidery patches are very versatile with kids using them to decorate jackets and backpacks and teams or clubs that use them to personalize uniforms. Business can also use them to add permanent name tags for employees.

Patches come in a variety of size, colors, shapes, and graphics, so it is easy for customers to find the exact product that they are looking for. They can promote everything from favorite bands to favorite pets. In addition, they are smaller than other projects and can be completed quickly for fast turnaround times.

The materials for embroidery patches are simple –

  • Light colored felt for backing
  • Design chart
  • Waste canvas
  • Embroidery floss in the appropriate colors
  • A needle that is strong and sharp enough to go through felt
  • Scissors for cutting

If you are planning to make several patches of the same design, remember to buy additional thread. Slight color differences may occur between dye lots that could affect the final product. An embroidery loom is helpful to keep your design from moving, but not essential.

How to make Embroidered Patches

To create patches, first you will need a design. Designs are available from a number of places such as books, online, or craft store patterns. Alternatively, if you are extra creative, you can design your own. A simple design will be easier to stitch for beginners, as you get used to the concept you can try ones that are more complicated. Choose colors that complement each other. For example, if your stitching subject is dark, choose a lighter background felt for more contrast.

Cut the felt in the shape that you want but make it several inches larger. For example, if your finished patch is going to be two inches by three inches, cut your felt to be four inches by six inches or larger. This will make it easier to hold or use in an embroider loom, making it easier for you use. You will cut away the excess when you are finished.

Cut your canvas slightly larger than your design, but not quite as large as the piece of felt. Attach the two together by making anchor stitches in all corners, or along strategic points if you are not using a linear shape.

Keeping the fabric straight with the canvas, carefully stitch your design along the waste canvas grid. Make sure that you are going all the way through the felt to the other side. Upon completion, cut the sides of the canvas and pull out canvas threads. Be very careful not to cut the threads you stitched.

When you have finished removing the canvas, your design should remain stitched directly onto the felt. The felt can then be trimmed along the edges of the design, leaving only a small amount all the way around. It essential that you use caution when doing this since you do not want to cut any of your stitched areas and cause the project to unravel. The patch is now ready to be sewn onto whatever you would like!

When creating patches to sell, you may find it helpful to stick to a few designs, and just use personalization items such as adding a name to them. This can allow you to stitch designs in your spare time and add embellishments as required. Alternatively, you can allow clients to submit their own designs and create an individualized patch each time.

Advertising patches is easy to do too since they are so portable. Patches can be attached to anything that can be sewn, so you can take them with you everywhere. Consider attaching patches to jackets, bags, jeans, etc. so that you can show them off. Remember to take business cards with you as well so that you can hand them out to interested shoppers.

Patches may be just the answer you were looking for when searching for the perfect home based embroidery craft business. With some supplies and some creativity, you can have a booming business up in no time.