Creating Unique Specialty Candles

The wide variety of specialty candles available in the marketplace has opened the door for the everyday candle maker to try something new and possibly create their own, unique candle line. Specialty candle making is typically reserved for more experienced candle makers, but the option is also there to anyone new to the craft.

Specialty Gel Candles

Although relatively new to the candle making scene, gel candles are becoming increasingly popular. They are made from a specially processed mineral oil that produces a clear, rubbery texture. Simply put, gel candles have a unique look that resembles a gelatin dessert.

While some candle makers are choosing to produce simple, unencumbered gel candles, others have chosen to go even further by adding non-flammable embeds to their creations, giving the appearance of objects suspended in midair. For example, adding fish shaped embeds into a blue tinted gel candle will produce the appearance of fish swimming in water.

The use of embeds is not only limited to use in gel candles since they can also be used in paraffin and soy. While paraffin and soy waxes are not transparent like gel, the addition of embeds can add texture and color to semi-translucent wax, and are very popular in creating unique and unusual designs in pillar candles.

Food Shaped Candles

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Another hot trend in the specialty candle market is the production of bakery and food shaped candles. Candle makers have flexed their artistic muscles by creating candles that look like pies, complete with crust and realistic looking fruit. You will see everything from hot chocolate candles poured into cocoa mugs complete with floating marshmallows to candle tarts that look like amazingly realistic muffins and donuts. The possibilities are endless if you have a little bit of creativity – as well as ample time and patience.

Wickless Candles

Another rising trend in specialty candles is the popularity of wickless candles. These are created for the sole purpose of melting in or on a candle warmer, and will never actually be burned with a flame. Wickless candles can be jar candles, without the wick, made to set on a warmer in their container. The melted wax produces scent, without the need for an open flame.

Another wickless variety is the wax tart. These wax creations are scented wax poured into molds. When they set up, they are solid pieces of scented wax that are placed into simmer pots or wax melters to melt the wax.

These wickless options provide the wonderful fragrances of candles but without an open flame, making them perfect for people who have burn restrictions in their living or work spaces. Wickless candles and tarts are increasingly popular in schools, hospitals, dorm rooms, nursing homes and anywhere an open flame is not allowed.

Part of your success in the candle making business is your ability to get creative, try something new, and promote your unique creations in the marketplace. While improving on an old standard is always a smart way to grow your business, there is also much room for success in innovation.