Create and Sell Handmade Craft Kits

Have you ever seen those homemade bread kits and thought to yourself that you could make something like that? These handmade kits consist of the dry ingredients needed to make bread, to which the recipient only has to add the wet items such as milk, butter, or oil. They are usually packaged up in a sturdy artistically designed package or decorated jar and displayed at craft or cooking shows to be bought and given as gifts. These are only one of the many types of craft kits that you can put together to sell.

In order to decide what type of craft kits you would like sell, you will need to think of what it is you most like to make. If you like making food packages, then you can sell those. However, if you are not much of a cook, or do not enjoy making food item kits, you may want to think of other crafting hobbies that do interest you..

For instance, if you like to make greeting cards, you could design your own color-your-own greeting cards. You would add the blank cards with the outlined designs on them, and with sayings on the inside. Along with the card, you can add a few other items such as glitter, markers, crayons, glue, or other materials that are used to make hand created cards. You an also make color-your-own stationery packs, wrapping paper, and more right out of your home.

Other items you can put together as a craft kit include

  • Halloween Craft Kits
  • Stained Glass Craft Kits
  • Dollhouse Kits
  • Car model Kits
  • Beading Craft Kits
  • Jewelry Making Kits
  • Drawing and Painting Kits
  • Felt Craft Kits

The possibilities are endless. You can also make instruction books and include those along with each kit.

Seasonal craft kits are another idea. For instance, if people want to make Christmas candles, you can include some candle wax, wicks, candle dye, scents, spices, molds, and other materials used for candle making.

Seasonal crafts need to be made as far in advance as possible, and you will need to make as many as you think you can sell. You will also want to call around far enough in advance to be able to enter your items into festivals and craft shows. It will take time for you to find shows that are appropriate places to display your craft items for sale.

The fastest method to obtaining this type of information is to do a local Internet search. For instance, if you live in Wisconsin, you can type "Wisconsin craft fairs" or a similar phrase. Locally would be a great place for you to begin. If you can, try to find events that take place in your hometown. You can do the same if you are looking for national or even international celebrations during which you could display your best works.

Depending upon where you live, you may need to obtain a vendor’s license, which permits you to sell retail items. Additionally, you may need to register your business name.

Whenever you start a business of any kind, especially a business selling arts and crafts you should always educate yourself to your rights and responsibilities of owning that type of operation. If you know what you are getting yourself into you will be more prepared for both the inevitable and the unexpected.

Learning how to set up your handmade craft kit business the right way from the beginning is your key to success.